Wolf Stained Glass
Wolf Stained Glass

Wolf Stained Glass

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Hand crafted stained glass wolf standing in front of a mountain and stream landscape.
The yellow borders are made with wavy glass to bring in more colors as the light shines through.
The stream is made with a blue glass that replicates a rippling effect for a realistic tranquility.
Clear beveled glass is used in each corner for an extra color prism effect.
The stained glass is carefully selected for high quality and rich color. The artist uses the copper foil method to join the pieces of cut glass together.
The thin metal frame includes 2 hooks at the top (one in each corner) and also
comes with a small silver chain that you can use for hanging.
We Ship all of our stained glass through UPS. However if you prefer us to ship through USPS please let us know.
Original design by stained glass artist in the US. Not mass produced in China.
Ready to ship. Only 1 available. Please message me for further details. Thank you for looking.


width: 27 in wide
height: 20.5 in
weight: 8 lbs