Consignment Pricing & Guidelines


It is free to display your item in our shop. Contracts are for 60 days. After 60 days if your item does not sell you simply come by the shop and take it back home with you. When your item sells Seasons will only charge you 20% of the selling price for selling your item whereas many  consignment shops charge you 50%. On top of that we will take pictures of your items and add your item to our website for free! You only pay us if you get paid. Questions? Please click here to contact us.

Additional Details:

We no not pick up your consigned items. You must bring the item to us. Also we do not deliver (mail to you or drive to your location) the consigned item to you after the contract has ended. You are responsible for dropping off and picking up all of your items. When the item sells we take 20% of the selling price at the time of the transaction. We distribute your money to you via check within 7 days after the item has sold. Your check will be mailed to you to the address that you provide to us or you can pick up the check in person. If your item does not sell we will attempt to contact you up to 3 times after the contract has ended. If you do not pick up your item within 30 days after the contract has ended your items will be donated to a charity. You are responsible for insuring your own items for theft, loss, and damage.


Items that are accepted for consignment are things like hand made art, stained glass, fused glass, blown glass, hand made jewelry, Swarovski Crystal figurines and jewelry, hand made purses/carrying bags, hand made ceramics, drawings, hand made paintings, and items of this nature. It is not a requirement that the item is hand made, but it does need to be new or have a neat, unique or nice appeal because that is what our customers are looking for. We do not consign old or damaged items. Consigned items other than wall art & stained glass need to be small enough to fit on a display case or table or to easily hang from a rack.

Items we do not accept for consignment:
Furniture (with the exception of hand made artistic lamps)
Antiques (exceptions are made for antiques that are unusually unique and in great condition)
Extra large items that we can't find room for or fit through the door.

If you are not sure if your item would qualify for consignment please contact us and tell us about the item. We would love to sell your items for you!

*All consignments are on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to deny any item for consignment if we feel that it is not something that our customers are looking for or does not fall within the guidelines. While we do take great care of your items as much as possible, Seasons is not responsible for consigned items that get broken, or stolen. We do our best, but we simply cannot control situations 100% of the time. Consign items at your own risk.*